DISC Personality Profile 

Are you ready to learn more about your behavioral style and personality type or learn about those you employ or your perspective employees? 

The DISC personality profile model, developed by William Moulton Marston with influence by Carl Jung, examines four primary behavioral styles. Each style has a distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. Understanding your behavioral style and personality type can help you have better communication skills and a more positive attitude in general. The Four Primary Behavioral Styles are:

 Dominance – relating to control, power and assertiveness

• Influence – relating to social situations and communication

• Steadiness (submission in Marston's time) – relating to patience, persistence, and thoughtfulness

• Compliance (or caution, compliance in Marston's time) – relating to structure and organization

Not only does understanding your DISC personality profile help you have a better understanding of yourself and others. When you have a better understanding of others, you are more apt to have positive interactions both in your personal life and the business world. After you explore the DISC personality profiles and how they each function in daily life, you will have a greater understanding of what motivates people and will be able to proactively know how to interact with those around you. Gaining a strong understanding of your DISC profile can help you reach the next level in your career and your relationship with others. Learn to sell more, be a better manager of both time and people, and a stronger member of your team. Stronger communication skills means you can lower the conflict in your life and reduce your stress level.